March 2019

Elementary School Landstuhl

A new elementary school for 610 pupils will be constructed on a slope directly adjacent to the existing school in Landstuhl. The key feature of the design is that the individual classrooms will be arranged according to a new pedagogical concept. The classrooms of the individual grades will be arranged around a commonly used central learning area, which will make it possible to hold lessons that vary from the usual frontal teaching approach. Apart from the classrooms, the room schedule comprises a library, a canteen with adjacent kitchen, administrative and consultation rooms as well as a gymnasium including secondary rooms.


January 2019

Elementary School Spangdahlem

ICS Design Team are currently planning a new Elementary School in Spangdahlem. Located near the existing Elementary School, the new building is designed over 2 levels and will accomodate 880 children from 4 - 10 years of age. The design includes classrooms, administration, kitchen, dining, gymnasium, art and music rooms.


December 2018

Accommodation building

In Zweibrücken, the ICS Design Team plans a complete renovation of an accommodation building that is a protected historic building. The building will be provided with 86 accommodation rooms, each with private bathroom. The new layout design reflects the protected historic window division of the building.


September 2018

Medical Clinic

In Mainz ICS Design Team is designing a medical clinic, which will provide medical consulting suites, medical treatment rooms an dental suites. The building is designed over 2 levels and has an approximate floor area of 1100 m².


April 2018

Dual Food Restaurant Development

The ICS Design Team has undertaken the design of a new commercial development for construction in Ramstein. Containing two fast food restaurants with capacity for 160 seats. In addition to this, the development also includes an external seating area.


January 2017

Renovation of the Elementary School Katterbach

The existing Elementary School in Katterbach is planned to undergo renovation over the summer of 2017. Renovation works will primarily be internal, with new flooring, ceilings, wall finishes and upgrades and alterations to doors and stair handrails and balustrades.

External works are limited to new accessible ramps and landings and provision of new fencing to the playground area.


August 2016

Commissary Stuttgart

ICS Design Team designs a new construction of a food product market in Stuttgart. The new Commissary is designed to incorporate a central sales area with deli and bakery.

The development also provides administration offices, and delivery directly to storage and refrigeration rooms.


July 2016

Shopping Center and Admin area in Brunssum

Located in Brunssum Netherlands, a new shopping and administration complex is created through the redevelopment of an existing commercial building. Containing a mall, this development provides several shops and banks. In addition, a non-food market complements the food and fresh produce market.

The ICS Design Team has undertaken the interior design works of this development.


May 2016

Outdoor Recreation Center

In Wiesbaden ICS Design Team designs a new construction of a building for supporting leisure activities. Equipment for activities (bikes, skis, canoes etc.) can be loaned and travel can be booked.  


October 2015

New Temporary Lodging Facility

In Ramstein a new construction of a four-storey Temporary Lodging Facility shall be developed.

The building contains 70 two-room apartments. The new construction is four-storey with a partial basement in the middle of the building.

Design will be finished in March 2016.



August 2015

Temporary Elementary School

In Spangdahlem ICS Design Team has designed a temporary Elementary School with gym, cafeteria and administration capable of accommodating up to 700 pupils.


April 2015

New Shopping Center in Wiesbaden

Completion of the Shopping Center (PX) in Wiesbaden Hainerberg. Construction supervision by ICS Design Team.


March 2015

New Elementary School Wiesbaden

ICS has developed the design of a new Elementary School with a capacity for 700 students in Wiesbaden Hainerberg. A kindergarten is incorporated within the completed design.


January 2015

New Commissary Spangdahlem

The shell construction of the Commissary Supermarket in the area of the Airbase Spangdahlem is completed.